Pragya is a Gurgaon based visual artist whose practice is driven by her interest in nature, landscapes, time and memory and works primarily with drawing and photography. Her work finds framework and relevance in her curiosity for contemporary issues in art and society. Looking at landscapes as a function of time, she uses photography combined with other techniques like drawing and printmaking to study and portray the elements that impose their influence in shaping landscapes over time.


Pragya believes nature and culture are prominent factors that shape our society and way of life today. Her artistic endeavor is to understand, explore and portray the intricate and vital connections between nature and urban society that may have been forgotten or ignored by observing the changes that have occured in a landscape over time.


Pragya’s practice pushes the boundaries of contemporary photography, printmaking and drawing, finding a hold in the common areas and often blurring the dividing lines between the otherwise distinct mediums. Therefore process has key significance in her works. The focus on details and the layers of working support her observations, theory and conceptualization. The process becomes crucial to her concept and technique, to her work.


She graduated with Bachelors in Fine Arts (First Class Honours) Degree from LASALLE College of the Arts (Goldsmiths University, London). She has exhibited her work at the Georgetown Arts Festival (2013) in Pengang, The Winston Oh Travel Award exhibition (2013) at Lasalle, Singapore and Spot Art (2013) at MICA, Singapore, Gelb (2016) in Luzern, Switzerland among others. She was also awarded the Lasalle Merit Scholarship for 2012-13 and for 2013-14 and the Winston Oh Travel Practice Award 2013.


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